ISIRV Awards

ISIRV Lifetime Achievement Award

The ISIRV Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the understanding of respiratory virology, especially (but not exclusively) influenza, its prevention and management over the course of the individual’s career.

Eligibility Criteria:

1.  Nominee must have made significant contribution to our understanding of influenza or another respiratory virus, its prevention and management.

2.  Nominee must be recognized as an expert in his/her field.

3.  Nominee's service to ISIRV will be taken into consideration during the review process.

4.  Nominee and nominator should be members of ISIRV by the submission deadline.

Application requirements:

1.  Nomination application

2.  Nominee’s CV

3.  One (1) letter of recommendation written and submitted by the nominator that outlines the contributions to our understanding of influenza.

Award process:

1.  The Award will consist of an engraved plaque

2.  The ISIRV Secretary will call for nominations from the membership prior to an Options Meeting/alternately, a candidate is identified by ISIRV Officers.

3.  The ISIRV Chair and Officers will review the nominations and make a recommendation to the Board. Should an Officer be a nominee, he/she will not participate in the process.

4.  The Award (and citation) will be presented during the Opening Ceremony of the Options Meeting

ISIRV Options Awards

The ISIRV Options Awards recognize significant contributions to the understanding of influenza in the three respective categories.

ISIRV Clinical Sciences Award

ISIRV Public Health Award

ISIRV Virology & Pathogenesis Award

Eligibility Criteria:

1.  The sole requirement is the acceptance of an abstract indicating significant contribution to our understanding of influenza. (no age or professional requirement)

2.  All abstracts addressing these respective areas of influenza research can be considered.


1.  Option’s Scientific Committee selection on the basis of abstract submission

2.  The Committee's agreement that the Awardee has a significant track record in that category (this may include requesting the Awardee's CV)

The Award:

1.  A certificate outlining the appropriate recognition.

2.  Presentation by the Option’s Chairs at the ISIRV AGM

3.  An invitation to publish a specialist scientific article in the JIORV free of publishing fee.

ISIRV Young Investigators Award

1.  Application for this award must occur at the time when the Abstract is accepted for an oral presentation.

2.  An ISIRV panel will review submitted abstracts and attend each applicant’s oral presentation.

3.  One (or more) awards will be presented at the conference closing ceremony.

4.  The award will consist of $2000 to contribute towards costs for attending the Conference.

Abstracts of Distinction

The Options Scientific Committee shall select the Abstracts of Distinction; preference is given to abstracts from promising trainees or junior investigators. All abstracts should be reviewed prior to the meeting to determine who should be awarded an Abstract of Distinction; no more than 10% of abstracts will be selected. A ribbon will be placed on each poster of distinction while oral abstracts will be noted as awarded this recognition at the time of the introduction of the speaker.