Speaker Ready Room

Download Options IX Slide Template

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All oral presentations can be created with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for Windows. Tips on creating powerpoint:

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Each speakers MUST bring their presentation to the Options Speaker Ready Room on any of the following formats:

  • CD or DVD
  • USB Flash Memory Stick
  • USB External Hard Drive

The Speaker Ready Room located in the Sheraton Grand Chicago Hotel, Gold Coast Room, will be open during the following hours:

Wednesday, August 24             2:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Thursday, August 25                 6:30 am – 6:00 pm
Friday, August 26                      6:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday, August 27                 6:30 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday, August 28                   6:30 am – 2:00 pm


Options IX requires presenters to include their mandatory financial disclosure BEFORE the first/title slide of their PowerPoint presentation.  When you are preparing your presentation, please be sure to include this information on your first slide.  View an example of a disclosure slide.

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Presentation Setup

PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) is recommended for all users.

Slide presentation dimensions are 4:3

The recommended video format is Windows Media (.WMV). If you are using another video format, please consult with the audiovisual contact onsite in the speaker ready room to make sure the video will be compatible with the equipment used in session rooms.

At this Conference

All presenters are required to check-in at the Speaker Ready Room, Gold Coast Room, and preview their files no later than TWO HOURS PRIOR to the start of the session in which they are to speak. Even if a presenter is unavoidably delayed, he/she is still required to go directly to the Speaker Ready Room.  DO NOT GO STRAIGHT to the session WITHOUT FIRST CHECKING IN AT THE SPEAKER READY ROOM.

Speaker Ready Room

In the Speaker Ready Rooms, PSAV staff is readily available to help speakers upload and prepare their presentation.  The computers in the Speaker Ready Room and presentation rooms will be Windows-based PCs with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 (Office 2013 installed). Presenters should make sure all fonts appear as expected and all sound/video clips are working properly in the Speaker Ready Room.

The following presentation file types are acceptable for Annual Meeting presentations:

  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint (.ppt), (.pptx)
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Apple Keynote (.key)*

* Apple Macintosh Users:  Please use the latest version of Keynote 6.5+ when preparing your slides. The presentation submission site will not accept older versions of Keynote files (6.4 or older). Please contact the PSAV support team for assistance on upgrading your Keynote file to the 6.5 version required. (support@psavds.com or call (214) 210-8006)


Proper identification is required in order to submit a presentation and also to upload, preview, and edit files in the Speaker Ready Room.  Media storage devices (USB Memory Sticks, CDs, DVDs, etc.) are returned to Options IX Registration Desk or destroyed if left behind.  Cameras and video equipment are not permitted in the Speaker Ready Room.  All files are deleted off of all computers at the end of the meeting in the presence of an Options IX staff member.

Movies and Multimedia

Be sure if using movie clips or other multimedia, to place all items used for the presentation’s creation in a folder and copy this folder to a backup media drive. This is necessary for any clips to run properly, without the clips the PowerPoint presentation will not know where to find the movie. Remember to bring this disk with you to the meeting.

Meeting Room Setup

At the speaker lectern:

  • A monitor to view the presentation
  • A keyboard to advance slides
  • A laser pointer
  • A microphone
  • A speaker timer that will show the presentation time and countdown.  When the speaker’s presentation time is finished, a red light will show on the timer.

At the moderator head table:

  • A monitor to view the presentation
  • (2) table top microphones


  • Microphone in aisles of seating used for attendee question and answers after speaker presentation.

Audiovisual technician table:

  • Technician to load presentations and ensure microphones are working properly
  • Computer with all session presentations

Each presentation room will be staffed with an audiovisual (AV) technician, who will assist in starting each presentation. Before the session starts, the AV technician will confirm all presentations are loaded on the technician computer and accounted for. If the AV technician notices a missing presentation then he/she will contact the Speaker Ready Room for verification and notify the moderator if necessary.

The AV Technician will ensure that each presentation is loaded on the lectern speaker monitor.  Once the presentation is loaded, the speaker will then control the presentation slides from the lectern using a computer keyboard.  There will be a separate laser pointer.

Powerpoint Tips

Tips on creating your powerpoint presentation.

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